Application of Critical Industrial Facilities / Airports, Meteorological, Communications, Power, and Road Systems


HIREC® is highly effective for preventing water accumulation on radars, antennas and radomes as a water repellency preventing the formation of water film. It is also highly effective as a countermeasure to improve and maintain performance of antennas, pylons, bridges and towers in snowy or icy climates.


Example 1: Counter measure against water accumulation on BS (broadcasting satellite) antennas

Counter measure against water accumulation on BS (broadcasting satellite) antennas


Example 2: Antennas

Without HIREC®, snow sticks to the disc, creating the possibility of interference or interruption of transmission.
With HIREC®, even in winter, when it is not possible to coat the disc directly, it is possible to apply countermeasures with vinyl sheet covers.


Example 3: Airport guidance antennas

Although snow will not simply fall off of HIREC®-treated surfaces unless they are steeply inclined, ice and snow will not stick to it. Cleaning therefore takes very little time.


Example 4: Anemometers

Anemometers cannot work properly when they are covered in ice or snow. HIREC® application prevents this accumulation.


Example 5: Bridges

Because snow boards (vertical boards installed to prevent snow from accumulating) treated with HIREC® repel snow at earlier stages than those without, cars passing underneath are not affected by falling snow. The arches (without treatment) accumulate snow.


Example 6: High-Voltage Line Insulation

Usage of HIREC®100's antifouling properties as a solution to insulation failure caused by aerial pollution is currently being investigated.