Tech Info / HIREC® Shows High Durability in Outdoor Exposure Test

HIREC®: Super Hydrophobic Coating for Antenna, Radome and Other Public Infrastructure

HIREC® - Outdoor Exposure Test

The long term stability of HIREC® water repellency was directly measured by outdoor exposure test. The HIREC® coated plates were exposed in the field and the change in contact angle was measured. The contact angle of HIREC® after 1100 days outdoor exposure was 143 ° and showed very stable water repellency during 3 years.

Measurement Conditions

Sample facing direction : 


Sample angle : 

45 °

Location : 

Tokyo, Japan

Degrees of latitude:  

35 °

Annual sunshine in hours:  

1780 hours

Annual rainfall:  

1500 mm

Exposure time : 

3 years

Results of Outdoor Exposure Test

HIREC® shows no abnormality during 1100 days or 3 years exposure in the field.

Initial contact angle of HIREC® was 152°.
The contact angle after 1100 days of outdoor exposure was 143°
The contact angle was stable during the outdoor exposure test.

HIREC® maintains remarkable water repellency in outdoor usage for 3 years.