Tech Info / HIREC® Is An Effective Countermeasure Of Rain Attenuation For Satellite Antennas

HIREC®: Super Hydrophobic Coating for Antenna, Radome and Other Public Infrastructure

Changes in Radio Reception of Satellite Antennas in Rainfall

Radio receptions of 12G Hz-band broadcast satellite antennas at 5 mm/h rainfall were measured in the field. The aperture diameter of the antenna was 450 mm.

Antenna Coated with HIREC®

No deterioration in Carrier To Noise Ratio C/N was shown during and after rainfall.
No water film was formed on the surface of the antenna.

Antenna without HIREC®

Radio reception deteriorated during and after the rainfall.
The rain caused to lower C/N of 3-4 dB by water film attenuation.
Even after the rain, the deterioration in C/N continued for a while due to remaining water film.
The deterioration continued for 19 hours after the rain cleared, which was caused by the remaining water film.

The super water repellent paint, HIREC®, is an effective countermeasure for rain attenuation in antennas.